Upcoming Events
Winter Performing Arts Class Sign-up

Please call to RSVP - 678 548 9820 & you may bring an interested guest...
Saturday, Jan 16th, 2016 - 12:00 noon - 2:00pm
Snellville Location - Call for details and reserve your appt time
10 slots available for each age group
20.00 registration fee holds your spot

Greetings: Hope everyone is ready for the summer and exciting season in the Performing Arts. The upcoming classes are for children, teens and adults ages 7-17. We have an exciting schedule ahead of classes, workshops, community appearances and special guests. If your interests are acting, voice-overs, movement, image and presentation, voice classes or creative writing; you are in good company. We will also have guitar lessons and beginning piano lessons workshops upcoming as well. All of our actors in all three categories can audition for our upcoming stage plays & videos. The calendar and schedule will be given our and discussed at the Open House.

Classes Start  January 23rd - Ages 5 - 12 - 12:00 Noon - 1:00 - Teens 13 - 17 - 1:15 - 2:15
45.00 Monthly Per Student
Make up days - To Be Announced

The Concept
As an performing artist with a large family. I am aware of the rising costs placed upon parents when several children within the family are involved in cost associated activities. Have taught and performed in Canada, Caribbean, Japan, West Africa, South Africa and all across the United States. Most families either keep their children in or take them out of extracurricular classes based on the family budget. I made a decision this season to make performing arts as easy on the family budget as possible. Classes and workshops for all groups will be a flat rate of 45.00 each monthly with a onetime registration fee of  20.00 for the entire 2016 season to help cover activity costs. There will always be free make-up classes allowed for missed classes due to illness, school or family obligations.

Meet the Instructor
This is my 20th year of teaching, acting, performing and mentoring through the arts. This is my life and I am dedicated to helping all that I can reach the next level. Every step we take in life and every mountain we climb should include reflection to reach back and help someone else. I have performed on stages around the world but it is more rewarding traveling to a nursing home to sing for the residents. I love the wonderful world of the Arts. It has allowed me to be in the company of the well-known and the unknown and yet the same drive and passion for the arts exists in both groups. I am an International Performing artist and attend American Public University seeking a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science Policy. Our original plays and performances will all have a green theme attached to the message as I am a huge proponent of green initiatives and eco-stewardship.

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